8 Rakaat Taraweeh is Sunnah – Dr Zakir Naik 2012 Ramadan

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Dr Zakir Naik has answered the misconception that 20 Rakat taraweeh is the ONLY Sunnah in taraweeh. Alhamdulillah. Dont forget to read this great article: www.systemoflife.com www.youtube.com


muhammmmad999 says:

what does a person do when he is in masjid where 20 rakats are read and then 3 rakats witr is read.because the way ahnaaf pray witr is not proved from prophet mohammad?

TheServiceWeb says:

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LifewithAllah says:

not a must.

ahmedw5 says:

is it a must to take breaks? (newbie here)

LifewithAllah says:

Brother, care to read the article that is provided in the description before commenting. Jazak Allah khair.

asrbnin says:

every muslim must thanks Zaker Nayek he established an Islam With real sunnah only – other wise we hate ashlok recited by brahmins but it is same like quran and in the praise of allah but in different laguage VISHNU and BRAHMA also can be called to Allah – pray 8 raka’at taraweeh authentic sunnah-
alhamdu lillah great islamic leader in muslims ZAKER NAYEK-
knowledge is inheritance of prophets and as the prophet dead this inheritance knowledge is with great zaker nayek

azadam1000 says:

ashaf3 means even(2 , 4 , 6,8 and alwitr means oneven like 1 or 3 

kingdigmo says:

@themou81 surah swafat… last 3 ayah…:)

LifewithAllah says:

it is sunnah but very very virtuous and beneficial if u pray them.

asrbnin says:

Oh so nice of your to making concept clear about Qaiamullail tahajjud and TARAWEEH these all are same- we pray tahajjud and Qaimullail through out the year thus we are praying TARAWEEH also through out the year – stupid religious Clericks make their business specialising it with Ramadan as they mug up the holy book by reciting it one month they collect life expenses of whole year so trouble people syaing pray 20 Rakat THANS ZAKER NAYEK for bringing pure islam of same as prophet of islam-

themou81 says:

Assalamu aleykum
What is this at the beginning? Is it a surah? And if so which one ( or ayah )

Mohamad Agil says:

What a BOSS

Musa2190 says:

How do i perform the Witr prayer, what shall i say or not say according to the Sunnah? I watched the video of not trying to make the witr like maghrib but i didnt fully understand it, can u elaborate plz. Jazakhulahu Khayrun.

sanna sibghtullah says:

Do I have to pray taraweeha during Ramadan or is it just a sunnah?

LifewithAllah says:

Walykum assalaam, yes brother 2+2+2+2= 8 and then there are 2 methods of performing witr. One is to pray 2 rakaat seperately and then perform 1 rakaat after it. The second method is to pray all 3 at once. Watch this video insha Allah.


LifewithAllah says:

and there is another method of performing 3 rakaat witr together as well in which we dont sit in the second rakaah for tashahhud. We just sit in the final rakaat for tashahhud and durood and then dua.

Musa2190 says:

Salama’laykoom brutha, to perfom tahajjud sunnah. its 11 right. so do we pray 2 rakats of 8 and then 3 together or 2 then 1?

themou81 says:

MashAllah dr Zakir is very educated. He helps me a lot for this ramadan. Elhamdulillah

LifewithAllah says:

Brother there is no difference between taraweeh, tahajjud or qiyaam ul layl. These are the different words used for the same prayer. Refer to the video “NO difference between Taraweeh and Tahajjud by Dr Zakir Naik” or u can also read the provided Article insha Allah it has concrete evidences. Jazak Allah khair.

LifewithAllah says:

brother i think u r referring to witr. The Sunnah of the witr are 1, 3 and 5 and in some narrations it says 7 and 9 as well. When we pray 3 Rakaat witr, we pray 2 complete rakaat first. And then we pray 1 rakaat seperately to make it three as this was the way of the prophet s.a.w. You can see this method in any witr salaah from makkah taraweeh.

sniper987 says:

Do you read one rakat by itself at the end or join it to make 3 rakats?

salahuddin1138 says:

I just read somewhere the Taraweeh is plural form of rest in Arabic. Now plural in Arabic should be not less than three. If there only 8 raka’at then there will be only 2 rest. 20 raka’at will give us with 5 rest. Allah knows better.

MrDerxX says:

thank you very much brother for this information.

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