Dr. Zakir Naik (Q&A Session) 13-Apr-2012 @ Dubai International Peace Convention – Part – 1

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Dr. Zakir Naik (Q&A Session) 13-Apr-2012 @ Dubai International Peace Convention – Part – 1 by Sohail Hanif


kamilbiotech07 says:

Dr. Zakir naik, one of the most intellectual persons of this century. The manner he answers the questions posed by the audience is so convincing, easily understandable that too with references which cannot be done by many modern days theologians of christians and hindus.

Reny S says:

Zakir is fraud, distorting truth. Not reading the full bible and distoring the facts for his gain!
Carnal man cannot understand the word of God.

JaiLKKhosla says:

The Arabs of his time, including the Jewish Arabs who were 50% of the population of Arabia, demanded that adopted sons be nurtured as much as biological sons. Zaid had been adopted by Muhammad.Zainab was Muhammad’s first cousin. Th Arabs were shocked. So Muhammad fabricated a verse in the Koran claiming Allah had commanded him to marry her, verse 33:37. He did this in the presence of Aisha whom he had married when she was six years old and he was 53 years old. That marriage had shocked the Arabs

JaiLKKhosla says:

Zainab bint Jashst was Muhammad’s first cousin and married to his adopted son Zaid. Muhammad saw Zainab half nude one day and muttered ” How Allah turns the hearts of men”. Zainab heard and told this to her husband Zaid. Zaid went to M and offered to divorce Zainab. Under pressure he eventually did and M married her but not before inventing an ayat from Allah commanding him to marry Zainab so that the Arabs would reconcile themselves tot he marriage.

JaiLKKhosla says:

How can Muhammad be the prophet of God when he concocted an ayat commanding hm to marry his own daughter-in-law? Zinab was married to his son Zaid.

mymail56 says:

If you in army,the commander was retired and being replace by the new commander ,are you still taking Oder/ command from you former commander?

ISEL333 says:

FAKE QURAN [4:154] And we raised Mount Sinai above them, as we took their covenant. And we said to them, “Enter the gate humbly.” And we said to them, “Do not desecrate the Sabbath.” Indeed, we took from them a solemn covenant.
the fake prophet Muhammad canceled the Sabbath.
the fake prophet Muhammad canceled most of the command of the holy Torah.
in the last days god will bring the all FALSE prophet ,like JESUS and MUHAMMAD .
and will BURN THEM ,before the all world.

dankasajakolo says:

Sallam wallahi this convention if allowed to take place around d globe more than twice a year it must change d negative way d enemis of Islam re looking at our DEEN.
To all dat contributed to it reality jazakallahu bil khar.

BattlzPKMon says:

I remember sitting there and the people trying to troll dr zakir by asking weird question

azvar mohamed says:

how can i watch full programme my freinds pls

shoroborno says:

Allah Hu Akbar

pissueg says:

Shia are spreading hate against Islam in the world.
Shia are anti Islam and they abuse and disrespect beloved Sahabah Radi Allah and Ulmah e haq Ahl E Sunnah Wal Jammat in all the Islamic countries. There are killing going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Pakistan who is behind the problems shia.
Shia don’t want Islam sharia Law but Ahl E Sunnah wants to spend their life according to Sharia Law the best Law for Humanity.
No British Law for Islamic countries. Islam is peace .


2 بهذا تعرفون روح الله.كل روح يعترف بيسوع المسيح انه قد جاء في الجسد فهو من الله.

3 وكل روح لا يعترف بيسوع المسيح انه قد جاء في الجسد فليس من الله.وهذا هو روح ضد المسيح الذي سمعتم انه يأتي والآن هو في العالم.

TheTableeghisareliar says:

Please can anyone upload full lecture?

ali96150 says:

i was ther it was on qna and heated up the last day was the best

Maruf Hussain says:

Please can anyone upload full lecture?

MrArms27 says:

this video and voice is not clarity.. please add a good quality one , if some one have it

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