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alifbatah Bangla Tarek Monawar Allama Delwar Hossain Sayeedi Dr Zakir Naik Mazhab tablig jamaat tableeghi boruna saheb bayaan waz waaz tariq jameel syadi dil…

Bangla! Qur’an and Modern Science-Conflict Or Conciliation By Dr.Zakir Naik(Full) Download Link. http://www.keepvid.com/

Sheikh Motiur Rahman Madani of Islamic Cultural Center, Dammam, KSA and lecturer of Peace tv bangla giving a Lecture in Bengali Language on the topic ‘Questi…

Bangla! Universal Brotherhood By Dr.Zakir Naik (Full) Dr. Zakir Naik [Bangali Dubbing] giving a public lecture on the Topic”Universal Brotherhood”

Please Click The Link It’s Very Funny www.fatwa-online.com EVIDENCE THAT ALLAH IS ABOVE HIS THRONE AND NOT EVERYWHERE 1)Mu’awiyah as-Sahmi reported: “I had some sheep which I kept between ‘Uhud and Juwaniyyah with a slave-girl to look after them. One day, I went out to check on my sheep and discovered that a wolf had [...]

Mazhab in not mandatory subject in Islam, but we must be follow All-Quran and Shohih Hadish.

Bangla! Debate Between Dr.Zakir Naik Vs William Campbell (Full)