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ज़ाकिर के पीस टीवी पर लग सकता है बैन. He could be arrested by the authority of India. This is the END of his preaching.


Krishanu Kar says:

he has also pissed prophet……………..Naik is himself a mother fucker

muhammadansaar says:

peace tv ,qtv ,madni tv are free to air easily availble with no monthly charge on 6ft dish which cost only Rs 1500 to 2000..get it now from any nearest dealer..

muhammadansaar says:

peace tv is available in india by 6ft dish antenna which cost on Rs 2000 for lifetime.

basicnatn says:

Why does Zakir Naik deny the Oneness of Allah then? He does not believe in Tawheed and commits Shirk.

basicnatn says:

I am a believer in Advaita and Karmayoga and initially found Naik acceptable since I felt he was propogating Advaita Dharma, then I did “Tehki” as he says and his rudeness, bigotry, arrogance, lies and obscuriantism was exposed. I agree at least Laden was logically consistent and brave enough to eventually own up unlike Naik who has been promoting the cult of evil under the garb of logic to logical people and imposing himself on the masses by defying that same logic. Snake.

basicnatn says:

what if we kill all of you and burn all your holy books and destroy all your holy sites? Then?

neoliju says:

nobody bans islam…its peace tv which is banned …so u think peace tv is the representative of islam

neoliju says:

peace tv nahi violence tv

OneDharmaYouMovement says:

Zakir Naik is a MAWALI a slave of Arab rule, told to push through Arabic law, customs, ideology, history, theology, conversion, rape, plunder as an act of GOD!


TheSargam44 says:


Veeekay3 says:

Naik is much more dangerous than Osama bin laden itself.

Mohammed Mansoor says:

if you are taking money to defend people , thats your choice . but i never ever take money or anything to defend decent people who are saying the truth , im sorry to say this but you are a victim of the media, so i hope god guides you and me to the right path

sunny6165 says:

Nice bro…

SuperRajusa says:

Peace? commenting on hindu gods is spreading peace?

SuperRajusa says:

how much he has pad you so that you are spending so much time here?
A secular concept is to respct every religion and live with peace.
But he is making comments on every other religion…no idea where you are fnding truth in him. Hope god shows you right path and better way to earn money.

vixter1980 says:

Naik is not preaching islam, he is preaching terrorism in the name of islam. I feel sorry for ignorants like u whom he enjoy using and provoking towards terrorism. Many peaceful muslims are against Naik and are supporting us in banning Naik, so do whatever u want. My advice to u is leave Naik and go live a peacefull life of love and friendship because if u follow Naik, u will face the same consequences like Osama, Kasab, etc.

vixter1980 says:

peace tv is only good for spreading terrorism, I am glad it has been banned. As far as Zakir Naik goes, that bloody terrorist, that failure doctor, he is almost finished and soon be in the mental asylum preaching terrorism to dolls.

roshankaria123 says:

Israr Ahmed, Zakir Naik’s Peace TV main orator says-

Combined Lashkars (gangs) of Ghazis from Pakistan and Afghanistan will attack India and establish Khilafat soon. This is divine will that will be fulfilled…


roshankaria123 says:

Israr Ahmed, Main Scholar of Zakir Naik’s Peace TV says-

“There are only three options for Non Muslims in an Islamic state- Either they convert to Islam and enjoy equal social and religious status as Muslims or they remain as inferior and second grade citizens with no rights or we will fight them with sword.” (watch from 1:38 and 3:50 in video)



Dharmi Sree says:

Bangalore mein Peace TV & QT Bindas dekhe jaate hai.. Kaoun se baan ke bare mein bol rahe ho

gsm108 says:

well being in democrazy country he could b banned, but Allah ll save him

Mahammad Sameer says:

No One Can Stop Preaching of Islam. Do Whatever you want?

Big79249 says:

Mohammed was biggest real devil ever existed & Islam is biggest disease without any doubt.
just watch number of excuses he found to rape 9 year old kids & slaves. he led gang of robbers in promise of big booty & slaves in return . Read Quran it says it all. In short he was pedophile, crazy, extreme, gang-lord who ran a big scam

ABAMAH says:

I believe that our country is a democratic country and every person has his right to put his words. India’s second largest population strongly believe in our Judiciousry.
Dr, Zakir Naik is spreading massage of the Holy Book, which is revealed for whole humanity and not only for muslims, and TV channel is the best way to make our all Hindu / Christain / Budhist brothers to know about the final testiment.
peace TV is spreading only the massage of Quran & Hadith and not spreading any communalism.

Mohammed Mansoor says:

at least he is spreading peace to human kind , but you are spreading hatred between muslims and hindus,

Mohammed Mansoor says:

why are you insulting him, you dont even know him, he only speaks the truth and he is spreading the message of truth

weeklytips2011 says:

The working of Zionists war mongers have infected India and drained it’s freedom and democracy

Dilip Kumar says:

Asshole he is !!! Zakir nalaiq !!

VedicAryan Light says:

Now he can take his dirty moms panties out of his head and be at rest.

VedicAryan Light says:

the stupid low born convert…is done with.

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